Foods that You Should Never Allow Your Dog to Eat

It is not uncommon for your pet to raid any food stocks in your home.  Be it the pantry or some left over food on the table or the fridge it is not wise to allow your pet to just eat anything they want with abandon as some foods may cause problems later on. Here are some foods that you should never allow your dog to eat.

Garlic and Onions

If you are fond of using onions and garlic in your meals, do save the leftover for your own or throw them away instead of giving them to your pet.  Garlic and onions have a substance that can breakdown red blood cells in dogs causing them to become anemic.  Garlic for example is quite toxic to dogs and onion powder commonly found in baby food may also cause problems.  If you see your pet sluggish, has no interest in food and has episodes of vomiting, bring him to the vet immediately as these are anemia symptoms,


If you are fond of baking bread in your home do not allow your pet to grab food from the table or leave any rising bread dough unattended. According to dog kennel Montrose MN experts, yeast in any form prior to being baked is quite dangerous for your pet owing to the fact that once ingested it may cause stomach pains or may cause intestinal obstruction. Moreover, it could also leave your pet drunk as the by-product produces ethanol.

Grapes and Raisins

According to dog boarding kennel Monticello Minnesota experts, the toxic substance found in grapes and raisins have not yet been identified but whatever it is it is lethal enough to cause kidney failure in dogs. It is for this reason that it is absolutely necessary not to give either grapes or raisins to your beloved pet.


It could be quite amusing or even funny to see a drunken pet.  However, alcohol exerts the same toxic effects to pets like they do in humans but much more potent.  In fact it does not need an exorbitant amount of alcohol to cause permanent liver damage.  Therefore, avoid this completely.