Cheap Travel Tips for the Practical Backpacker

When we think of backpackers what immediately comes to mind is a vision of  a young person with tattered well-worn jeans, frazzled backpack, facial hair and infinite endurance. However, backpacking is not just for college kids taking a year off. Backpacking is for the adventurous and the independent and well one of the cheapest ways to go on a trip.  If backpacking is in your itinerary here are some cheap travel tips to consider.

Use Your Feet

As a rule, backpacking requires a good deal of endurance and strength. However, if you are not the type to scale the arctic or swim across a huge lake to get to the other side, planning a series of walking excursions is a good way to challenge yourself.  Bring along some backpacking meals and you are good to go. Mix car and train travel wit long walks so you can get a good and personal view of where you are. Scenic coastlines, historic castles and National parks are best experienced on your, not from the comfort of a vehicle.

Pack Light

If you want to travel like a backpacker you better pack like one. Walking long stretches is virtually impossible with a suitcase or carry-on. By traveling light you will be able to move faster and go longer while at the same time avoid those extra baggage fees. How does a backpacker spend months traveling all over the world with only a few pounds of gear? The answer is multi-function items such as pants that can be converted to shorts or shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. Choose a backpack that is light but designed to hold more but weigh significantly lesser. Use breathable clothes that are quick drying.  Packing light means you have extra space for hiking food.

Travel Alone

The philosophy behind backpacking is all about personal freedom and exploration which does not require a mindset that needs a companion or friend along. If you are worried you won’t be able to share any of your experiences, worry-not as backpackers meet a lot of backpackers wherever they go and their shared experiences on their trips is more than enough to fill any void.