How To Get the Proper Sleep When Camping

So you’ve planned the day trips, the sights you see, the activities you’ve intend to do,  have you also planned on getting a good night’s rest out in the wilderness? If you think that getting shuteye out in the wild is easy as it looks, think again. If you cannot get a good night’s sleep the next day’s itinerary will be affected as lack of energy an inability to focus can have a deleterious effect on your camping experience

Get a Good Sleeping Bag

Do not rely on the ratty old sleeping bag that you’ve always had since time immemorial. Along with ensuring you are comfortable, you need to ensure that the sleeping bag you bring is appropriate for the weather in the camping site.  Mild, wet weather environments will require a different set of gear while frosty and arid climates will require an entirely different category.  Aside from nutritious camping food, the appropriate sleeping bag is the other most important item you need to have on your trip.

Make Sure Your Sleep Environment is Optimum

Do check the weather forecast before your trip and pay special attention to nighttime lows. While it is  good to know how hot it will be during the day but it will be quite a nuisance if you keep waking up simply because you are either too hot or too cold.  Your sleepwear should be dry and free from sweat and long underwear and socks are a must.  A good tip to follow that veteran campers do when it is a bit cold is to warm up a hot water bottle before bedtime and then tucking it down on the sleeping back. If placed properly near the core area of your body such as the abdomen, this will warm the air pockets in your bag and the result is a much warmer and more comfortable sleep as a result.

Wild animals are quite skilled when it comes to finding food as they need it for survival and campgrounds are a veritable buffet for these animals. These animals range from the very small like a raccoon to a hulking bear. Make sure you stow correctly your camping meals as any exposed food will emit a scent that can be smelled for miles around.  If you do not want to wake up to a hulking bear in the middle of the night then make sure your food is stored where it should be.