Recommended Food for Your Camping Trip

The challenge when it comes to going camping is to prepare meals that are not only palatable to the taste but also nutritious enough to provide the higher energy requirements of campers.  If perishable foods is out of the question and you are not willing to bring a cooler along here are some recommended food items for your planned camping trip.

High Energy Snack Foods

Your camping food should never be without high-energy snack foods.  One  of the most popular options are granola bars or energy bars that are not only lightweight but can help provide the energy you need on your trip.  If you like to nibble or need some flexibility to offer kid-sized snacks without ruining their dinner appetite then go for raisins and peanuts which are not only tasty but are incredibly nutritious as well.  Other options would be apple, banana chips, cranberries and blueberries.

Choose High Impact Foods

Bringing cans along on your trip is not a good idea owing the extra weight they bring however if you need to bring canned food along then choose high impact food items instead.  For instance, canned bacon is perfect for any long-term trip which can make any breakfast tastier.  Canned chicken can easily brighten up any bland meal and if you do not want to spend a lot of time prepping dinner then canned chili or other pre-made meals are your best bet.

Prepped meals are quite convenient as most of them are available in boil-in-the-bag portions which makes them lighter than cans and quite convenient for camping or hiking trips and wherever water quality may be an issue.  All you need to do is drop a few pouches in boiling water and next thing you know dinner is ready.

Carbs & Dehydrated Food

If the camping trip is strenuous with lots of hiking and other physical activities then it is a must for you to have carbs on the diet such as uncooked pasta, rice and oatmeal. Dehydrated camping meals are considered one of the most pack-friendly camping items you can bring.  All you need to do is add hot water and you are done.  Dehydrated meals are not only nutritious but they taste great as well.