Rottweiler’s – Cutely Furry or Scary-Scary

When one hears the breed Rottweiler, one automatically assumes a big lumbering dog with bad habits and a nasty temper. It is no secret that back in the 1980s, they have gained a bad reputation for being vicious guard dogs.  However, this is very far from the truth as these dogs are known to be quite affectionate and very intelligent animals. According to dog boarding kennel Albertville MN experts, their deep affection towards their owners and their desire to please them above all else often is the cause why they sometimes get into trouble.

Breed History

The Rottweiler breed is known to have descended from another large dog breed, the Italian Mastiff. Since the time of the Romans, they have bred and trained this dog to be an all-purpose anima fit to serve in Caesar’s army.  The breed was refined somewhere in southern Germany in an area called Rotweil, where it got its current name.  However, in the 1800s the breed almost disappeared but by 1910 slowly recovered its numbers.

Best Use

This breed is bred to perform a lot of work around the farm such as pulling carts and even collecting livestock to bring to market. They are also menacing guard dogs to protect the farm from intruders. By the 1900s they were fit to serve in the army or in the police. They were bred specifically to look menacing than they actually are.  According to dog boarding Big Lake Minnesota specialists, currently they are best used as therapy and companion pets as well as still police and guard dogs. Some Rottweilers have even made it to the big screen as acting dogs.


Rottweilers are large and muscular breed of dog that has large eyes and a semi-floppy ear and an ever lolling tongue.  The head looks a bit more like a Mastiff. They come in mostly black with some rusty-tan areas at the belly, face, feet and eyebrows.  The coat has a medium length and quite simple to look after.  The median size is just a little over 2 feet tall.  Rottweilers weight in the range of seventy five up to one hundred and ten pounds.