New Dog Owner? Avoid These First Time Mistakes

There is something about new dog owners that you really love and that is their unabashed affection for their newly found pets. However, becoming a pet parent does not come with an owner’s manual and like most new dog owners, there is a learning curve to overcome. If you are considering owing a pet dog for the 1st time here are some important pointers for you to consider.

Not Being Hands-On

Without a doubt dogs will require a lot of handling all throughout their life. Visiting the vet, a groomer, kids, neighbors and strangers. They require their teeth cleaned and nails trimmed and sometimes take some type of medicine. According to dog boarding kennel Clearwater MN experts, the best means of prepping your pet for all of these is to get him used to having all parts of his anatomy handled.  It is important that he allow you touch him anywhere and this includes the paws and the more private areas of his body.

To do this, try practicing this each day. If he is lying next to you or on your lap begin grasping firmly but gently his paws. Look inside the ears and give it a sniff or two. Lift the tail and inspect the behind. Gently stroke the belly and give the groin section a once over. Check the lips and the teeth. This is a good way for you to learn what is normal as well as determine his body condition and detect health issues early.

They do not Measure Food

New dog owners tend to give their pets so much love and affection and this often translates to the amount of food they get. Too much food is bad for your pet as this can lead them to grow very quickly causing undue strain to the developing puppy musculature. If this goes unabated, bone problems may affect him later when he gets older.  Dog kennel Otsego MN experts recommend that you consult a vet to know what types of food is best for your specific breed of dog.  Big breeds for instance benefit from diets that allow slow but consistent growth while smaller breeds require energy dense nutrients to keep up with their energetic nature.