How to Ensure Your Pet has a Long and Happy Life

Every loving dog owner aspires to provide the best for their pet. This is a given. However, there are certain habits and activities we believe are acts of love for our pets but in actuality serve to shorten their life.  Sometimes, our busy schedules also may be the cause for us to overlook some important measures to ensure that our pet stays in the pink of health. Here are some tips to ensure your pet has a long, happy and healthy life.

Correct Unchecked Weight Gain

Sure, he may look cute and cuddly but according to dog boarding kennel Otsego MN specialists, approximately 53% of dogs are actually overweight.  What is more disturbing is that ninety-five percent of the owners surveyed believed that their pets were still at their optimum weights.  Letting your dog become too heavy not only can shorten his life but also affects the quality of life your pet leads.  Not many people know that even an ounce of cheddar cheese  can wreak havoc on a dog’s diet and weight. One ounce of it is actually equivalent in calories to humans as eating 1.5 hamburgers and around three chocolate bars.


Ensure that you limit the amount of food you provide as well as those given by others. Also, to avoid obesity it is important that you increase your pet’s exercise routines . If the weight is still not getting shed, it might be best to talk to your vet as he could offer a special dietary program to help trim the pounds.

Take Care of Canine Teeth

According to dog kennel Rogers Minnesota specialists, there is a large incidence of periodontal disease found in pet dogs.  As a matter of fact , around 85 percent of dogs five years of age do suffer from the disease. This usually happens when food and bacteria begin to accumulate along the gum line and create plaque. Build up of this problem not only is bad for your pet’s oral health but also can lead to complications such as heart valve disease and also kidney infections.


Grab a pet toothbrush and begin scrubbing your pet’s teeth as much as you can.  Apart from the tooth brushing you can also give chew toys and bones that help in minimizing plaque formation or water additives that contribute to the overall oral health of your pet.